The aim of puppy socialisation is to raise a puppy that is not afraid of life, as fearful puppies are more likely to grow into dogs that are aggressive and may bite. Well-socialised puppies are generally confident and therefore more friendly.

Unfortunately, the window for puppy socialisation is very small – it is closing fast at 14 weeks of age and is almost certainly closed by 16 weeks, so owners need to act quickly.

Puppy party

This is offered free of charge to clients with newly vaccinated puppies and will provide the opportunity for your pup to socialise with many other immunised puppies, in a safe and controlled, fun environment.

Puppy club

One week after the puppy party, puppy club begins, running over a three-week period of evening classes. Puppy club provides a basic guide to training, health care and first aid and will show your puppy how to confidently relate to other dogs. He/she will enjoy some quality time with other pups in a small group, meet some unfamiliar faces and get accustomed to strange sights and sounds.

This is an informal evening and places are limited to six puppies.

Obedience training classes for beginners

For older puppies and dogs that have never been trained (up to seven years old), obedience classes are available through our behaviour team. They use modern, positive training methods with an emphasis on reward, not punishment. You will be shown how to demonstrate basic training commands and your dog will learn the obedience and good manners that are necessary to enable him/her to grow into a great family pet and a good canine citizen in the community.