We offer a range of behaviour, obedience and socialisation services tailored to suit you and your dog.

Puppy Socialisation

Puppies up to eight months of age can enjoy supervised on and off-lead play time that will help build their social skills in a comfortable, controlled environment.

Puppy education

This three-week course is for puppies of six months and under. Owners can enjoy learning about dog psychology, preventing puppies from jumping up, coaching on basic cues and much more.

Basic obedience under and over six months

Both of these courses run for six weeks and aim to coach both owner and dog in the art of basic communication. Some of the exercises covered include “sit”, “down”, “recall”, “wait”, “leave” and lead control.

Intermediate Obedience

A six-week course building upon the obedience learnt in the basic classes. Included is the introduction of hand signals, cues from a distance, the “emergency stop” and bridging the gap from luring the dog with treats to weaning off food rewards. Distraction control will also be built upon.

Advanced Obedience

A six-week course following on from the intermediate course. Dogs must have either completed the previous course or attended an assessment and achieved a specified level of obedience. Introducing off-lead heel control, stranger danger coaching and topics such as “sit in motion”, further distance control and higher levels if distraction are worked upon.

Adult Socialisation

Dogs from eight months of age upwards can enjoy social time with each other whilst owners can gain advice and ask any questions they may have from the supervising professional during the session.

One-to-One Consultations

These sessions are bespoke and tailored to address any obedience areas that the owner feels the need to improve upon.

Behaviour assessment consultations

These appointments are for owners whose dogs require more than just obedience training. Behaviour modification can be offered in cases including aggression problems, such as resource guarding or dog/people reactivity, barking and anxiety. If you feel there is a problem present, please speak to one of our professionals who can help.