Dog behaviour training services

The key purpose of training is to raise a puppy that is confident in all aspects of life. Fearful puppies are more likely to grow into anxious dogs that are reactive, demonstrate negative behaviours and show aggression or even bite. Well socialised puppies are generally confident and therefore more friendly. All puppies need to be “socialised” in order to live happily in our human world. Your primary objective, in those early weeks with your puppy, is to expose them to a wide range of normal, everyday occurrences. Things that they would not be exposed to if they were to spend their first sixteen weeks at home alone with you. It is important that you act quickly as these first few weeks are crucial in your puppy’s development.

We offer a range of behaviour and obedience services tailored to suit you and your dog.

Puppy Club

This three — week course is for puppies of six months and under. An emphasis is placed on educating you, the owner, in communicating with your dog. Owners can enjoy learning about couching basic cues, leadwork, general handling and much more, all whilst gaining key socialisation skills.

Basic Obedience

This six — week course is for older puppies and dogs from six month and over. The trainers will use reward-based, positive reinforcement methods to set your puppy on the right track with their training. They will teach commands such as ‘sit’ and ‘wait’, as well as lead control, recall and making them feel confident during a veterinary examination. It aims to coach both owner and dog in the art of basic communication, whilst teaching them the obedience and good manners that are necessary to enable them to grow into a great family pet and a good canine citizen in the community.

Progressive Obedience

A six — week course building upon the obedience learnt in the basic classes. In this course we will develop increased stability, build confidence in dog to dog interactions and continue to improve skills in obedience. This class can be repeated as many times as you wish, and will continue to be tailored to suit you and your dogs level as you continue your journey in obedience training.

Dog Behaviour Consultations

Challenging behaviour can be upsetting, but so often if can be managed and resolved given the right information. No one should think that they have to live with difficult behaviour.

One-to-One Consultations

These sessions are bespoke and tailored to address any obedience areas that the owner feels the need to improve upon.

Behaviour Assessment Consultations

These appointments are for owners whose dogs require more than just obedience training. Behaviour modification can be offered in cases including aggression problems, such as resource guarding or dog/people reactivity, barking and anxiety. If you feel there is a problem present, please speak to one of our professionals who can help.