Hello and welcome to the August/September edition of PetFocus Magazine.

We all love to indulge our pets from time to time, but sadly the issue of obesity has become a top welfare concern for vets. However, as Emma Simpson writes on page 8, “there is much that vets and owners can do to improve the health of obese animals once recognised.” Emma has plenty of helpful tips to help you take action and get your four-legged friends back into shape.

Elsewhere in this issue, we dip into the archives to celebrate 125 years of national pet charity, Blue Cross. Since beginning on the streets of London in 1897, Blue Cross has been through two world wars and has helped vulnerable pets right up to today. Turn to page 16 for a fascinating look back into the history of this charity and check out some of its key milestones.

We hope you enjoy this issue. With articles on keeping indoor cats, bonding with your reptile and a kids’ special on celebrating your pet’s gotcha day, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

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